Jan 09

SU GGJ 2017 Registration Now Open!

Registration for Global Game Jam 2017 @ Syracuse University is NOW OPEN!





Game Center Site –  Bird Library at Syracuse University

Amenities – Free coffee, lots of food, tons of work spaces, non digital prototyping materials

Stay tuned for more information


Jan 01

GGJ 2017 Returning to Syracuse University 1/20-22/17!

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is returning to Syracuse in 2017! Syracuse University will be hosting a GGJ site Jan 20-22, 2017! Watch this space for details, which will be posted soon…

Jan 30

2013 Global Game Jam… Over and Out!

One more Game Jam weekend is behind us now. 48 hours of craziness, hard work, and lack of sleep… For what it is worth, all the teams had great fun and developed amazing games in a short amount of time. We had four teams created four great games:

Plaque Attack – A 2D multiplayer brick-breaking game where players have to work together to clear out different colors of plaque from an artery in order to prevent an heart attack.

The Green Dungeon – A text-based digital game where players escape from a dungeon by correctly answering questions on conservation and sustainability.

Night Hunt – A table-top game where players travel through a darkened city collecting pieces to build one of two ultimate artifacts without getting noticed by the monsters.

Mad Geneticists –  A table-top game where players build new creatures and pitting them against each other so that the strongest survive.

Playable version of each game can be downloaded from the Global Game Jam site.

We had great a weekend and looking forward to the next year. To sum it all up, here is a video created by one of our Newhouse students, Maya Gao Quin.


Global Game Jam from Mayagq on Vimeo.

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