Jan 31

2011 SU Game Jam Comes to an End

We finally concluded the SU Game Jam event on last Sunday. It was the craziest and the most amazing weekend I had for a long time. Our site participants (16 wonderful people) worked very hard over the weekend to complete their games. At the end we had 3 great games. These games can be downloaded and played.

Here is the list:

Crescendo is a rhythmic survival action game created by Yi Zhang (Programmer/Designer), Rob Kramer (Artist/Designer), Mike Thal (Music Composer/Designer),  Ari Abramovsky (Conceptual Designer), Phil Haddix (Conceptual Designer). This game won the “Most Innovative Game” award.

Infection/Extinction is a strategy board game where the goal is to be the strongest surviving species created by David Horacek, Christina Morrissey, Hansol Kim, Jun Wang, Joe Gennaro. This game won the “Best Gameplay” award.

Renaissance 2090 is a board game in which the players need to navigate cyberspace, recover information about society and return it to your people to survive. Created by Victoria Gleason, John Hartung, Angela Ramnarine-Rieks, Silas Wallerstein, Katherine Jeremko, Kimberly Chacra, this game won the “Best Visual Design” award.

To sum up this event, here are some of the pictures and videos recorded:



There is also a Daily Orange Story that was in the news today.

Daily Orange Story

Thanks you to everyone who participated and made this event happen.  Hope to see you all in GGJ 2012 🙂